Student Leadership

Our school runs a highly developed student leadership program. The program begins with all senior students, (Grades 5 and 6), meeting together in Term 4 of each year. At this meeting current student leaders will speak about their roles throughout the year. Students in Grade 5 are then given the opportunity to ask questions to help them decide whether to consider a leadership position in the following year.


All students who decide to apply will then write a written application outlining their reasons for applying and what they believe they can contribute as a leader. These applications are directed to the Principal.

All candidates are then required to prepare a speech outlining their skills and ideas to their peers and staff. Once this is completed students and staff have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates.

Additionally, any students applying for a School Captain position are required to sit an interview with senior staff.


Successful candidates are announced at our annual Awards Assembly traditionally held on the last Monday of the year.


Our Student Leadership Teams

School Captains and Vice-Captains

Our Captains work together as a team to provide positive role models for their peers and younger students. They are involved in a wide range of activities such as leading our weekly whole school assemblies, greeting and thanking visitors who come to our school for special events, representing our school in events outside our school such as Remembrance Day etc, contributing ideas for the benefit of the school, attending regular student leadership meetings and assisting with school tours to the outside community.


House Captains

Our house Captains liaise with the PE teachers and run the twice weekly fitness sessions which includes setting up and packing the necessary equipment up. They coordinate their houses for whole school activities such as athletics sports, cross country etc. House captains too are good role models who display good sportsmanship and fairness in all they do. They also attend regular student leadership meetings.


Junior School Council

Our Junior School Council members, as part of the leadership team, are the main body for organising whole school events such as Book Parades, Odd Sock Day for Down Syndrome Association, Crazy Hair Day and a myriad of other fundraising and awareness raising events such as the Walkathon which supports the State Schools’ Relief Organisation. They are keen to contribute ideas for the benefit of the school and report regularly at whole school assemblies.


Green Team

This team of senior students takes responsibility for furthering the cause of sustainability throughout our school. They work in conjunction with staff from CERES as our school works towards its final sustainability accreditation star.


Our Green team is very active in the school. They have a range of special duties to fulfill throughout the year.

  • Each week they talk at assembly to highlight up-coming events
  • They assist with the Walking School Bus on Wednesday mornings and have designed certificates for those who participate
  • They ensure that all recycle bins are emptied each fortnight
  • They assist at the Farmers market on the recycling stall
  • They have been interviewing stall holders to find out if they have changed their practices since being part of our waste free market
  • They organise special events at the school to highlight sustainability – e.g. Green Day – Everyone has been asked to wear Green, walk to school and bring 'nude' food
  • They represent the school at award ceremonies where possible



Peer Mediators

Our peer mediators assist younger children to resolve social differences in the playground. Two captains are elected during our student leadership process and the students are given coaching in mediation skills with a teacher each week. The coaching consists of role-playing situations and developing skills of mediation. They are taught how to listen to both sides of an argument and help the students resolve their differences. They have the support of the yard duty teachers if they need assistance at any time. Our peer mediators are easily recognised in the yard in their fluorescent yellow vests.