String Music



At East Bentleigh Primary School, students develop an appreciation and love of music through a variety of experiences. They are introduced to diverse musical styles by a team of passionate and talented teachers who help them build the confidence to become actively involved in music.


Growing together


The East Bentleigh Strings Program brings students together to learn, play and listen to music. It is open to all students at our school and compulsory for students in the Steiner Stream from classes three to six.


Our program teaches reading and interpreting notation and playing by ear; performing individually, as well as in large and small groups. The children learn to listen to their own music and to the music of others around them. Our program provides many opportunities for children to perfect and perform their chosen instrument.


Why learn music


Music is a global language significant in every culture. It is used to amuse, communicate, educate, stimulate, and instil a sense of social understanding. Research shows that the musical arts are central to the cognitive process and dramatically improve students’ abilities in academic learning.


Music is mathematical (particularly fractions). Music helps us learn to read and develop creativity (interpreting meaning). Music helps us use our memory better. Music is a Science (demanding exact acoustics). Music is a foreign language (most of the terms are in Italian, German, or French). Music is Historical (reflecting the environment and times of its creation). Music is Physical Education (requiring fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, arms).


Lessons, Orchestras & Ensembles


Each child in our program has a one on one lesson with a qualified strings teacher each week. Steiner classes from years three to six have a class orchestra which practices weekly. All mainstream strings students are included in an appropriate class orchestra.


Children who wish to take this further may join the school extension orchestra. Each year students have a week learning in an ensemble, concluding with a performance. This week ends with every ensemble performing in a huge concert. Year five and six students wishing to participate in more ensemble work may join our extension chamber ensemble program. Children have the opportunity to perform within school, in the local community and with other schools.


From the children


“I enjoy playing violin because it gives you emotion that you can’t explain in words.”


“I play violin because it has a really nice sound, it’s just relaxing. Soccer and other activities aren’t really relaxing but music and violin engulfs you.”