Our Prep Program

Our experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers lead a unique dual stream curriculum catering to a diversity of learning styles. Our prep programs are play based and follow an integrated approach to learning that meets the individual needs of each child.


Growing Together


Our unique model of education provides a child-centered approach for five and six year olds. We believe in a differentiated curriculum that supports all aspects of the child’s development so that they may flourish and grow academically, physically, emotionally and socially. Through a range of experiences each child learns about themselves and the world around them.


Our two streams come together for festivals throughout the year including a teddy bears' picnic in Education Week, 100th day of school celebration and seasonal festivals throughout the year.



At work


Our prep classes begin each day with circle time, songs and story. Lessons in numeracy and literacy grow out of this happy beginning. Prep children from both streams share in regular group sessions, enjoying rich learning experiences from across the different areas of our unique programs.



At play


The prep rooms are very social places and a lot of hard work is done in negotiation, decision making and in considering individual needs as well as the needs of the group. Developmental play provides a foundation for a range of skills important in building resilience and confidence. A key focus here are Restorative Practices and our preps begin learning this important life long skill.




Dual curriculum


Each child learns differently and in order to meet the needs of a diversity of learners we offer choice. Both our curriculums meet the state requirements and are AusVELS compliant.


Our mainstream program provides a play and inquiry-based curriculum where numeracy and literacy are taught explicitly. We integrate ICT, teamwork and learning about the world in a warm friendly environment.


Our Steiner/Waldorf inspired program provides literacy and numeracy within a play-based model of education. In the Steiner stream the Prep child’s school days are filled with creative, imaginative play where they are nurtured rather than taught, and are allowed to learn by example and through imitation. There is no emphasis on academic content in the Steiner Prep experience until term 4, although children participate in numeracy and literacy readiness activities such as singing, storytelling, poetry, dancing, finger plays, painting, drawing and handwork. Letters are introduced carefully through stories and pictures.



Behind the scenes our preps are supported by a dedicated parent body who assist with reading groups, gardening, craft and a host of other initiatives. Our class representatives keep all families up to date with the latest classroom news.


From the children


“I really enjoy story time with Miss Hilcke.”


“I love playing with the other prep kids... I really like meeting for special occasions.“


“I love making things in craft”