Our Mainstream

Our Mainstream immerses children into the joy of learning from the moment they enter Prep. They engage in a huge range of hands on activities through literacy and numeracy which introduces the letters of the alphabet and numbers with a fun child-centred approach. As each child continues to grow through the different grades, our staff draw from the best current teaching practices to ensure all children receive an education designed to meet their own learning styles and individual differences.  


The methodology of our Mainstream classes is similar to other state primary schools. We have multi-aged classes that cater for diverse student needs. Our Inquiry based curriculum focuses on the individual student – their needs and goals for future learning. The programs that we offer develop life skills.


Our Classrooms


Most of our mainstream classes are in our new flexible learning spaces that enable the teachers to provide a vibrant I.C.T. enhanced curriculum. Each room offers a safe and colourful environment where each child looks forward to spending each of their school days. These classrooms have interactive whiteboards to integrate the use of I.C.T. into the daily program and we also incorporate the use of iPads and Notebook computers for literacy, numeracy and inquiry units.



Our Learning


We use an extensive range of resources to teach literacy including the use of THRASS and use the ‘Seven Steps of Writing’. Every day children take part in a range of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities. Our maths program is run using a differentiated curriculum to cater for the different needs.  Our inquiry units help the children learn about the world around them while practicing their researching skills, working in teams and presentation skills.



Specialist Programs in Mainstream


Children in our Mainstream participate in both whole-school specialist and stream specific programs.


Sport - Our physical education teacher, John, takes each class for sport.

French - Madame Carmen teaches French to all our classes. Find out more about Carmen's L.O.T.E. program here.


Specialist programs specific to the Mainstream include:


I.C.T. – Each class has access to our iPads, notebook computers and a dedicated, up-to-date computer room. During terms two and three, we have a specialist computer teacher who takes all mainstream classes to extend their I.C.T. skills.


Creative and Performing Arts


Our Creative Arts program is focused on giving students the opportunity to experience and experiment with a variety of creative mediums. The school offers a Performing Arts program which throughout the year exposes students to drama, music (including learning to play the recorder for grades one to five), dance and singing. Through these varied experiences, students learn about the elements of music and are introduced to music conventions in a way which is relatable and enjoyable. This approach to teaching and learning creates an awareness of self and sound. Students in our Mainstream also have the opportunity to tap into our extensive string music program.


In Visual Arts the students are encouraged to discover through the manipulation of a variety of materials. The elements of art are taught through hands on creative experiences. All forms of art are explored including, painting, construction, print making and sculpture. The masters of art are studied and their techniques emulated. Taking time to work on technique development is the key to art class with many of the artworks taking weeks to complete. Student artworks are proudly displayed throughout the school where they can be appreciated and student hard work recognised.