Growing Together

Our school is committed to continuous improvement and achieving excellence in teaching and learning at every level. We are small enough to allow each student to be treated as an individual yet large enough to support a wide range of programs. Both educational streams aim to develop children academically, socially, physically and emotionally. Through rich and engaging curriculum programs, students are encouraged to develop a passion for learning, to make connections to the world through real life experiences and to build a sense of respect for themselves, others and their natural environment.


Two different curriculum streams, a Mainstream and a Steiner Stream, operate at East Bentleigh Primary School. Currently students are organised into nine Steiner classes and five main stream classes. Our school offers a range of specialist and support programs to promote learning of all students. Both the Mainstream and Steiner stream programs are underpinned by the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (Victorian Curriculum) framework. The two curriculum streams operate in parallel within the school and parents select which stream they would like their child to attend. Our caring school community has shown that individuals with diverse philosophies can work together harmoniously.


Having a unique situation in place at our school as a result of the two different curriculum streams, it is necessary to provide some understanding of the differences between the Mainstream curriculum and the Steiner stream curriculum.


Although both streams provide a balanced curriculum which is enhanced by a wide range of experiences for the children, it is necessary to consider the different academic paths when looking at the school’s student achievement data. On average, the children in our Steiner stream have reached indicative levels in Literacy and Numeracy by class four.


Working Together


Our two streams come together in many ways throughout the school year. In addition to assembly, festivals, fitness, interschool sports, choir, music and camps which bring the children together, our teachers work together in whole school meetings and year level meetings. Year level teachers work together to plan and moderate assessment.



Singing Together


The school offers a choir which may be joined by students in grades three and above. The choir meets weekly and performs regularly at school assemblies and other school occasions. Students enjoy singing a variety of popular songs. A love of singing and music is what is fostered during choir so all ability levels are welcomed.



Reading Together


Our extensive library is open to all classes and is divided into two sections - junior and senior. The junior end houses a wonderful range of picture story books and early reader chapter books, whilst our senior end houses novels and non-fiction books. Each child is able to borrow from this wonderful range in either their class library session or during certain lunchtimes each week.





Many of the classes have a buddy class which facilitates peer teaching and ensures our youngest classes have big friends in the yard that they can rely on. Many of these buddy classes cross both streams which is another of the many ways our two streams work together.