Ensemble Week

One of the highlights of our Instrumental program at EBPS is our annual Ensemble Week, which was held last week.

During this week the 'normal' teaching week where students have an individual lesson and an orchestra lesson during the week is replaced by students in carefully selected small 'ensemble' groupings have  45 minute lessons daily to learn a completely new piece of music which is then performed to an appreciative audience at a very special evening concert at the end of the week.

Each year we are amazed at what our students from Years 3-6 are able to achieve under the careful tutelage of our wonderful team of teachers, Felicite Heine, Jonathan Tosio and Michael Webb.

One of the highlights of this night on top of watching the sense of achievement in the eyes of our students and the listening to some beautiful music, is to sit back and appreciate the staff item at the finale.

Thank you our wonderful teachers for allowing us to share this with you. Enjoy.