At Home Learning Activities & Online Learning

Please click on link below to access a very helpful resource by the Department of Education and Training.

Literacy & Numeracy - Tips to help your child



At Home Learning Activities


To access at home activities for French and Art - please click on the links.

Art at Home Activities

French at Home Activities




Online Learning Sites


General literacy and numeracy tasks

Build basic number fact knowledge

Instructional guides for helping your child with the four operations

General worksheet revision from your child's teacher/s:

Here are some more links to some great educational sites!

Let us know if you have other great sites we can share on our list.


For Parents

Video to watch to prepare parents for report time

Mood Meter Program information

Michael Grose's Parenting Ideas Magazine

Michael Grose's parenting ideas site

Michael Grose's 'Reading Your Child's Report'

Steiner pre-school


Positive Education and Well-being

Bucket Fillers



A mixture of number and shape activities for grades P-6.

An amusement park of maths which is full of FUN!

A fun way to learn your times tables!



Make your own wacky online stories for grades 3-6.

Based on the popular I Spy books. A mixture of activities with links to the magic school bus, Clifford and more!

Magic School Bus homepage

A fun little spelling game for grades P-6.


Other Sites of Interest

A National Geographic site designed just for kids!

A site that makes Science so much fun!

Links to all areas of education including maths, reading and spelling.

Art Attack homepage. Popular television show devoted to Arts and Crafts.

An interesting site where kids can perform virtual knee surgery, become a crash scene investigator or create an odd machine. Grades 3-6.