Our School Rules


At our school we speak kindly and respectfully to each other.
We should treat and respect others the way we would like to be treated and respected ourselves.


Safety - Everyone has a right to feel safe.

  • We try not to hurt people.
  • We use equipment safely.
  • We play safe games.
  • We play in safe areas of the yard.
  • We need to move quietly and carefully inside the school building and take care when we are moving about or playing outside.
  • We need to take care when travelling to and from school.



  • We work quietly and helpfully together.
  • We arrive at all our classes on time.
  • We take turns.
  • We are kind and we co-operate with others.
  • We share the playground.


Conflict Resolution

  • We try to solve conflicts or disagreements in a fair manner.
  • We talk to each other and try to agree to a solution. If we need help, we ask a teacher.



  • We care for the property of the school and the property of others.
  • We put rubbish in the rubbish bins.
  • We leave expensive toys at home.